Fabiana Tavares is the first director to join Shot and Cut Films’ family

Shot and Cut Films has already shared that it’s going through a restructuring phase, and the addition of new directors to the family is a priority.

Fabiana Tavares is the first addition of new directors in the production company. She is a filmmaker with a contemporary and peculiar aesthetic. She brings the right rhythm and look into the screen.

She looks for inspiration in photography, explores new compositions and builds her visual identity at every step.

In 2014, at Universidade Lusófona, she directed the short film Puto, which won three CinEuphoria awards: Best Director, Best Short Film and Top Short Films of the year.

In advertising, she created content for brands such as MEO, L’Oréal, Bledina, Galp, Telepizza, Lisb-ON, Mimosa, among others. In the music industry, she directed the music video for the song Viagem, by Tiago Bettencourt.



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