Shot and cut films launches new website, a fresh team and a renovated space with much more to come

Shot and Cut Films is getting ready to welcome new directors until the end of 2022. After renovating its space and the team, the production company also launches a new website. Good news for this growing family.

This month, turns 11 years since I made a video for the first time. The idea was to make a video of me ridding my bmx, in several skateparks in Lisbon. I chose the music, picked up the camera I spent a year saving for, filmed what I could and asked to film what I couldn’t, edited on iMovie and quickly turned to FCP7. By now, I was already hooked. I couldn’t stop anymore and, at the time, I had no idea of the adventure that was about to start.

Since then, I filmed a bit of everything. I’ve collected knowledge and professionalism. I filmed a bit throughout the world in small and big projects, always with the same passion. What started as a hobby, has now gained a new life and new home. An auto sustainable life that depends not on one, but on several people. A team in the true sense of the word. A team that fills me with pride and confidence, to tackle future endeavors to come.

Today is the first day that Shot and Cut Films will prove why it’s different.

Filipe Correia Santos

Building a home is more than putting up four walls and a roof. To build a home is to imprint Soul on every hinge, on every brick, it’s to dip the brush into the bucket of personality and sprinkle every corner, it’s to cut down the beams that support ideas and nail them together with mastery, it’s to take the dusty dreams from the bottom drawer and place them on the spotlight in the most beautiful frames, so that whoever enters it can dream with us.

The pandemic didn’t arrive with an instruction book, everything that used to be, is no longer. Or, at least, not the way we knew it till then. And that’s why it is, and it was necessary, that all of us lived this phase in their own way. But one thing was certain, we couldn’t, and we didn’t want to sit in the spectator’s chair while the film was playing in front of us without the proper credits. As this season wasn’t made up of only dark episodes, it was at this point that we found the motivation to change the course of history and get our hands dirty. Literally.  

A mission that seemed impossible, became a test to our limits, which everyone passed with distinction. And if reality often overcomes fiction, let’s imagine the following: a director who takes on the role of master builder, a dop who sometimes is a painter, an “expert” producer with a sander and a talkie who treats any nail or screw on a first name basis. One of the most typical neighbourhoods of Lisbon that you could ever imagine, neighbours that tells it like it is, a bottle of red wine to savour the days and a dog in the middle of everything.  

It doesn’t sound like a very promising script, but it was. Much more than we could ever imagine. It was absurd, it was genius, it was crazy, and it was absolutely legendary, in equal parts!  

Shot’s new space is much more than an office, much more than a studio, much more than an atelier. It’s a piece of everyone who left a little bit of their love here, a little bit of themselves. The place where we arrive and feel privileged to feel at HOME! This is where we believe that our identity is visible, this is where this family now lives.

Be our guest! Mi casa, es su casa….  

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